International Secondary School Bridging Programme

This course aims to prepare students for Secondary School study in Tasmania, Hobart. The minimum English proficiency level for entry into this programme is intermediate.

The students’ English language skills are systematically developed in the macro skill areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The development of these skills are linked with and based on the language tasks required of them in their high school programme.

On arrival at TCE, students are tested and placed in a General English language class of an appropriate level.

General English Language Course
The General English Language Programme focuses on developing the students’ English skills in the four macro skill areas of: speaking, listening, reading, writing. These classes are highly interactive, encouraging students to communicate in real‐life situations. Students will continue their studies in our general English language class until their English has reached a sufficient level to allow them to progress to the High School Bridging Programme.

English for Academic Purposes
Independent learning habits and good study skills are essential skills for Secondary School students in Australia. Skills covered in this component include:

  • Cultural / academic orientation
  • Note‐taking
  • Research skills
  • Skimming and scanning techniques
  • Essay writing
  • Oral presentation skills

Secondary School Orientation
Secondary School orientation and organised school visits are arranged to familiarise students with Tasmanian Secondary Schools.

High School Partners