Course Descriptions

The English for Tertiary Studies (ETS):
SACE English for Tertiary Studies Courses are for students planning to study at an Australian university, TAFE, VET or hospitality institution. The courses are designed for students who need to improve their English language to meet admission requirements of the tertiary institutions.

SACE ETS courses include academic English training in:
  • Academic reading and critical analysis
  • Academic writing
  • Academic listening and note‐taking
  • Oral presentations and tutorials
  • Research and study skills
  • Grammar
Entry requirements:
ETS I / IELTS Preparation:  SACE Intermediate / IELTS 5.0 / equivalent
ETS II: SACE ETS I / IELTS 5.5 / equivalent
ETS III: SACE ETS III / IELTS 6.0 / equivalent
  • Flinders University, South Australia
  • TAFE South Australia
  • University of Tasmania
  • International College of Hotel Management
  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • TAFE Tasmania
  • Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE
  • Global Net Information Communication Technology
  • The William Light Institute / Uni of Ballarat (Adelaide campus)
IELTS Preparation:
The SACE IELTS Preparation programme is an intensive 12 to 24 week course designed to prepare students for the 4 main areas of the IELTS exam:
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading (Academic + General)
  • Writing (Academic + General)
  • Plus IELTS exam strategies and techniques and IELTS Examination practice
The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses the level of English of non‐native English speakers who require English for academic reasons, professional purposes or for visa application for Australia
Successful completion of the SACE IELTS Preparation Course will allow students DIRECT ENTRY to the following institutions (students are not required to take an IELTS Test for entry):
  • Flinders University
  • University of Tasmania
  • James Cook University
  • Central Queensland University
  • TAFE South Australia
  • TAFE Tasmania
  • Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE
  • Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE
  • Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE
  • Le Cordon Bleu
  • International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)

General English:
SACE General English programmes are designed to improve students’ English language communication skills to prepare for future study, work, travel or career change.

Core classes concentrate on developing grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, writing & pronunciation skills in real-life situations.

Afternoon classes, “Special Studies”, allow students to specialise and choose one or two Special Studies from a wide range of Special Studies options. These include:

• Examination Preparation (IELTS, TOEIC)
• Academic Study Skills
• Business English
• English for Hospitality
• Conversation and Pronunciation
• Vocabulary Development
• Australian Studies
• English Environment Studies
• Advanced Writing/Grammar

Intensive Plus – 30 hours (25 General Intensive English + 5 hours of 1 to 1)
General Intensive English – 25 hours per week
General Intensive English (standard) – 20 hours per week
General English part-time – 17 hours per week
English in the Teacher’s House On demand
Private Tuition On demand

Cambridge Examination:
Cambridge qualifications have a very high level of international recognition both by universities and employers as evidence of English. The SACE Cambridge Examination Preparation Course helps students prepare for the examinations.
  • Preliminary English ( PET)
  • First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
Students are sent a pre-test to allow SACE to advise their English language proficiency and appropriate examination.

On the first week of each Cambridge course students complete a range of sample Cambridge tests. Students are individually counselled on their strengths and weaknesses, appropriate examination, and study plan. All aspects of the examination are covered in the course. Examination practice and exam techniques are an integral part of all courses.

Individual counselling, weekly progress reviews and additional self-access to materials assist students to achieve as much progress as possible.

English Plus Tennis Coaching:
This full-time programme combines advanced level tennis coaching and practice at the centre of South Australian tennis with intensive English language instruction at SACE.
English & Golf:
English & Golf is offered at the South Australian College of English. Golf is an accessible and popular sport in Australia and the city of Adelaide has a large number of both public and private golf courses. SACE English & Golf programme provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice golf whilst also improving their English language proficiency. This course is suitable for visitors, working holiday makers and student visa holders. You will complete a 20-hour English language course plus 2 afternoon golf lessons per week. On Friday afternoon you have the opportunity to play golf (9/18 holes). English & Golf is a 6- or 12-week course. You do not need golfing experience to enrol in this course.  You can start any Monday (except for those with a beginner level of English). If you would like to study longer you could combine this course with another SACE course.
Evergreen (seniors):
SACE Evergreen Programme consists of English language classes in the morning plus three organised afternoon cultural activities each week. Evergreen students are also welcome to join the Club SACE activity programme organised each week. The SACE Evergreen Programme is available in Adelaide, Hobart and Great Barrier Reef Whitsundays or any combination of campuses. This course is suitable for visitor visa holders. You will complete a 17 hours English language classes per week plus 3 afternoon excursions per week.  Each SACE campus offers a very different environment, history, climate and activities so the Evergreen activities programme will vary from campus to campus.  Some students choose to complete their Evergreen course at a combination of 2 or 3 SACE campuses.
SACE Study Tours:
SACE Study Tours programmes are organised in Adelaide, Hobart and Whitsundays.SACE has organised customised Study Tours for schools, juniors, universities, professional organisations, special groups, sporting clubs  and other organisations. SACE Study Tours can be designed to meet the specific interests and requirements of the group.Please contact SACE for further information.Quotes available on request.
English & TOEIC Preparation:
The TOEIC test (Test of English for International Communication) is an English language proficiency test for people whose native language is not English. It measures everyday English skills of people working in an international environment. TOEIC test scores indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in the global work place.
International Secondary School Bridging Programme:
This course aims to prepare students for Secondary School study in South Australia, Whitsundays, Tasmania or other Australian States. The minimum English proficiency level for entry into this programme is intermediate.
English & Volunteering:
SACE English and Volunteering Programme offers the opportunity to learn more about the Australian nature and environment by participating in volunteer placements in national parks or conservation areas.This course is suitable for visitors, Working Holiday makers and student visa holders. You will complete a minimum 4 week Intensive English language course followed by a Volunteer Placement for the period requested. You will need a minimum of an Intermediate level of English (PET/IELTS 5.0 or equivalent) to commence your Volunteer placement so consider if you need to plan a longer English language course to achieve this. Volunteer Placements are from 1 to 6 weeks.Applications for English and Volunteering must be received at least 8 weeks prior commencement.This course is for people who enjoy outdoor activities mixing with other people and  are interested in being involved with nature and environmental activities.

English & Work Experience:
The South Australian College of English, an Australian leader in this area, has successfully conducted English and Work Experience Programmes since 1990. Our English and Work Experience Programme provides students the opportunity of developing professional work skills whilst practicing English in the workplace.Work placements are unpaid.Popular work experience placements which SACE students have completed  include:- Business- Accounting and Finance

– Architecture

– Media and Public Relations

– Tourism and Hospitality

– Education

– Conservation and Environmental areas

– Child Care

– Information Technology

This course is suitable for Working Holiday makers and student visa holders. You will complete a minimum 4 week Intensive English language course followed by a Work placement/internship for the period requested. You will need an Upper Intermediate level of English (FCE/IELTS 5.5 or equivalent) to commence your work experience placement/internship so consider if you need to plan a longer English language course to achieve this. You will also need to submit your current resume and work experience preferences with you application. Applications for English and Work Experience/Internship must be received at least 8 weeks prior commencement.

English & WorkOz:
SACE WorkOz Programme is a study and work programme to assist students to prepare for and findtemporary and part-time work in Australia.The WorkOz Programme includes a minimum 4 weeks full-time English language course, employment preparation and job placement assistance.This course is suitable for Working Holiday makers and student visa holders who would like to find temporary or part-time work. Work placements include jobs in restaurants, cleaning, fruit picking, hospitality and other manual work in Adelaide and the Whitsundays.You will complete a minimum 4 week Intensive English language course. During your course, commencing in the first week, you will meet with a SACE staff member in the afternoon to take you through the SACE WorkOz programme. On completion of the WorkOz programme you will have all your work documents completed and have attended two job interviews.

You will need an  Intermediate level of English (PET/IELTS 5.0 or equivalent) for employment your so  consider if you need to plan a longer English language course to achieve this.

Teacher Training:
The South Australian College of English Teacher Training Division was established in 1992 to train English Language Teachers. SACE Colleges’ Teacher Training Divisions conduct short intensive courses for native or non-native teachers of English in Adelaide and Hobart.