Accommodation is an important part of the students’ language experience.

TCE take great care in selecting student accommodation – homestay, hostel or apartment.


Homestay is our most popular accommodation option.

Families are carefully selected, and students carefully matched with host families.

In selecting homestay families, TCE believes it is important to choose families who appreciate hosting international students. TCE homestay is usually a very successful and happy experience for the student.

In selecting host families, we do not look for luxury and comfort in the material sense but for families who appreciate receiving international students (the word ‘family’ should not be taken traditionally; our families could include a single parent or a childless couple who take in students because they enjoy the company).

Homestay accommodation includes 3 meals per day and all bed linen and towels. There is a minimum booking of four weeks homestay, unless course length is less than 4 weeks.


Hostel accommodation is available in the Hobart area.  Most hostel accommodation is based on a shared room basis.


Self Contained Apartments – Fully furnished apartments are available on request.