Situated in a three storey heritage mansion, SACE Hobart’s charming renovated classrooms, self access / computer centre and a student kitchen and common room reflect the warm friendly atmosphere of this former family mansion.

SACE Hobart campus has a large treed garden, some trees are over 100 years old. In summer students enjoy “English in the Garden”. SACE Hobart Summer Garden classrooms offer a relaxing and wonderful environmental learning experience.


Students can enjoy excellent facilities at our Hobart, Tasmania College.

Students have access to their own kitchen, complete with fridge and microwaves, as well as a Student Common Room.

SACE also provides students with access to computers before classes start, during breaks and after classes finish. Students have free internet access. The College is open from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

The new Job Advisory Service is very popular with our students on Working Holiday Visas and Student Visas. A weekly update of jobs available in Hobart is posted on the student noticeboard each week.


SACE Colleges offer excellent teaching facilities including modern classrooms, self access centre, email access, student common room and kitchen, and an exciting weekly activity programme.

International Mix of Students
Students from all over the world choose SACE Colleges to learn English.  SACE Colleges have a broad mix of European, South American and Asian student nationalities from over 25 different countries.

Service to Students
SACE Colleges are small to medium sized independent Colleges. SACE Colleges have a strong commitment to student welfare and provide afriendly efficient personalised service to students.


Qualified Teachers

The South Australian College of English, Tasmanian College of English and Whitsundays College of English are accredited and approved TEACHER TRAINING CENTRES.

Permanent internal and external teacher training guarantees our teachers use the latest teaching methods and resources.

All SACE teaching staff meet the requirements of the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) requirements. All SACE teachers have specialist English language teaching qualifications.

SACE teachers are enthusiastic, motivated and caring professionals.

SACE teachers are specialist English langauge professionals who are selected for their teaching skills and enthusiasm. Professional development for SACE teachers is co-ordinated by our Teacher Training Unit.